The origin of this work there was, there is always a fascination with the United States. A fascination that begins with the image. Photographic images first, inevitably. American photography is exceedingly rich, many even see the birthplace of modern photography, and she had a certain importance on my report to the medium. Moving pictures as well. Those of the New Hollywood films that depict so well the energy, youth and cons60s/70s culture peculiar to the years in America. Images, even with the universe of realistic paintings of Edward Hopper or popular iconography revisited by Jasper Johns. A fascination for America must add visual literature, which has been a source at least as important to the construction of the American imagination. John Fante, Truman Capote, Raymond Carver and many others have also engraved in me images, mental this time.
I chose to photograph the mundane, the everyday life of contemporary America. I take samples of humanity, and if it happens I use the anecdotal, or spectacular, it is to overcome them by searching for resonances with concepts deeper, more universal.
Hors Collection
170 x 230
Relié couverture cartonnée
66 photos colors
140 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-245-5
Press review
This book was printed 15 copies numbered head accompanied by an original print * format 15 x 21 cm, signed and numbered by Richard Pak.

* Three different photographs (taken every 5 copies.
An email will be sent to you asking the choice of the image.
  • Pursuit
    Photo #1
  • Pursuit
    Photo #2
  • Pursuit
    Photo #3

Richard Pak


French artist born in 1972, Richard Pak practice a photograph sensitive to particular interest to his contemporaries in the private or public sphere. Not hesitating to move from a documentary-like style to a serial, systematic approach, as well as combining writing and video to his photographic research, Richard Pak navigates between representation of the real and the fictional evocation.
Having lived and worked for five years in London, he made many visits to the United States between 2003 and 2009 to achieve the Pursuit series, which is co-published the monograph by Journal and Filigranes in 2012. Winner of the Residence The Photographic Eye urban, it does the job The Brothers-like in 2014, published by Watermarks.
His work has been exhibited in France and abroad, including: the Château d’Eau (Toulouse), Le Pavillon Populaire (Montpellier), Atlantic Center of Photography (Brest), Stieglitz19 Gallery (Belgium), PhotoPhnomPenh (Cambodia ), Noorderlicht Photofestival (Netherlands), Les Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie (Arles), Singular Images Festival (Sète).
His works are part of private and public collections including those of the National Library of France, the Château d’Eau, The Atlantic Centre of Photography. It is represented in Belgium by the Stieglitz19 gallery.