“This book retraces ten years of photographs in the wild. The starting point was a very large tide in Northern Finistère, winter 2012. This mixture of sand and water desert at low tide gave me the ‘Want to plant a tree and photograph it. Symbolically I then started working with paper sculptures installed very far on the foreshore. It was necessary to work between two tides and I often lost the work before even Photographing it was a play of patience.
Photographing nature corresponds for me to a space of liberation. I am certainly related to my subject, but I am also a little next to myself. At the heart of a forest or by a lake, there is no perfection or imperfection, everything is already there and I am in a way without object, hence this need for non-alterity. There is a kind of self -dilution with nature and we can actually talk about communion.
I like simple forms or materials to deconstruct like crumpled paper. These are both aesthetic symbols and objects that are there to somehow pay homage to the place. I then artificialize the natural space a little, I may also humanize it, even if it is not my initial statement. What matters essentially is the discovery of the place and sometimes, as Hubert Reeves writes, the space takes the form of my gaze “.

Benjamin Deroche

Hors Collection
200 x 250
Relié couverture cartonnée
56 photos colors
88 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-593-7

Benjamin Deroche


Benjamin Deroche is a plastic photographer whose work is represented by the Françoise Paviot gallery and by Fovearts.

His universe is mainly oriented around landscape themes and island territories in France and abroad.

The artist collaborates with different museums and university laboratories through his research projects around the sea and the landscape: Landevennec Abbey Museum, Tregarvan Museum, Ecomusée des Monts d’Arrée, Quimper-Squividan Museum, Museum of Natural History, Museum of L’Arche-St Pierre and Miquelon.

His work is regularly shown in photographic festivals (Arles, La Gacilly, Vendôme), exhibitions (Center Atlantique de la photographie, festival du film océanique) and Art Fairs (Paris Photo, La Fiac, Art Paris).

Agathe Cancellieri

Historienne de l'art

Agathe Cancellieri is a gallery owner and historian of photography. She heads the Red Gallery in Paris.