Trolling is a work on the memory linked with the inhabitants of the town of Saint -Jean- Brévelay in Morbihan.
" In continuation of fountains, mills, laundries , stories , between water , nature and heritage, I poured in the landscape a long train of hundred meters of fabric. "
Between fragility and emotion , Wanda Skonieczny devised and staged an art project around the transmission of memory, where man , nature and heritage become works of art through photography .
At the intersection of contemporary art and heritage , Wanda Skonieczny developed for several months, relationships with people, nature and heritage, in a friendly concern for memory transmission .
A photographic work developed from staged around gestures and traditions of the past, in which the inhabitants , became actors for a moment , lend themselves to the game human exchanges were of very high quality with participants such as children , the elderly …
Hors Collection
240 x 300
Relié couverture cartonnée
50 photos colors and Blanck and white
72 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-299-8

Wanda Skonieczny


Wanda Skonieczny was born in  Aix-en-Provence in 1973. In 1997 she graduated with Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Strasbourg. She has lived and worked in Marseille and set up his new workshop in Brittany. With the coming of these studies, she decided to pursue his research on the photographic material. It then develops a new technique for images printed on fabric to size linked to the site, the public, for a face to face with his models.