What does a photographer do when he does not take pictures? He still takes pictures. Or he writes. Or he dreams that he writes and photographs. This is the case of Julien Mignot, accustomed to press orders (and collaborator Libération), always by mountains and valleys to meet the needs of its sponsors. Between two utilitarian shots, he steals moments at the time, retains the leak as one tries to capture a dream. Like this thin yellow garden hose that fills a pool of blue-green water, the photographer knows that there is no escape: the drops spinning in the ocean, it is illusory to retain them.
However, all the photographs [of this book] are ramparts to the oblivion and the race of everyday life, moments to oneself, intimate visions. He drew on the “miscellaneous” file on his computer and extracted these photographs taken between 2009 and 2016, which did not find any takers, those that do not play any role, those he kept for him. He shares them today, very simply, in the form of multiple size prints, projection or light strips with twelve slides. The images are indifferently in black and white or in color. They do not have a particular style or underlying idea. In moments of “letting go”, as he says, in these in-between, he delicately grasps hugs, a tree in winter or beautiful cars. […]
Clémentine Mercier

Hors Collection
245 x 185
Relié couverture cartonnée
96 photos colors and black and white
176 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-453-4
Press review
Photo 1 Fresson head print, size 13 x 19 cm, signed and numbered 12 copies
Photo 2 pigment head print, size 13 x 19 cm, signed and numbered 84 copies
  • 96 Months
    Photo #1
  • 96 Months
    Photo #2

Julien Mignot


Julien Mignot (1981) lives in Paris. Self-taught artist and collector. He creates portraits for the press (New York Times, World, Liberation, …) and music (Believe, Wagram, Universal), behind-the-scenes reports of fashion shows or workshops of major brands ( Chanel, Hermes …), at the Philharmonie de Paris (residency since 2010). He commissioned the French part of the Amman Image Festival in Jordan. He created the studio I love what you do! And in 2018, he made his first short film (M. Amalric, D. Bonnard, V. Du Bois). He exhibited his images in Paris (Salon Approach, Leica Gallery, Interval Gallery, Agnès B.), Geneva, Sydney (Festival Heads On).

Azoury Philippe is a French journalist and film critic born in 1971. Collaborator of Cahiers du Cinema since 1998, Philippe Azoury also signed texts for Liberation, Les Inrockuptibles and Vogue1. But also to the biannual journal dedicated to cinema Capricci. He currently works for Obsession, the cultural supplement of the New Observateur1.
He is the author of several books of interviews and monographs cinéasts, and is arguably a writer passionate about cinema as a journalist.