This is a movie. We know the scenario: it is lurking inside all of us. It brings back the road at night, childhood terrors, to spaces that show only the surface of things, but underneath it all the danger deaf world.
Any surface carries with it a danger.
The highway, her slack. A killer on the Road. Footsteps in the snow. The absence of noise if the frequency of passing cars, that we do not get used to it. We do not know. We no longer clear whether we prefer that there be one, not a cat, or if one is surprised to fear every vehicle that comes to what he wears unknown, danger .

Philippe Azoury

Hors Collection
240 x 330
42 photos colors
78 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-363-6
Press review

Julien Magre


Julien Magre was born in 1973. He is presented by the gallery Le Réverbère in Lyon since March 2017. He is attached to the photographic object – the “box” of photographs. Photography exists and applies through the book, an object that can be used in its field and manipulate to make its own.
He has directed several exhibitions in galleries and festivals: in France, Italy, Australia, the Netherlands, and New York in 2003, where his exhibition was sponsored by Michael Stipe.
In 2014, it is part of the collective position of the BAL, it is necessary, I leave with you with Sophie Calle, Antoine d’Agata, Alain Bublex and Stéphane Couturier, catalog ed. Xavier Barral. He exhibited the same year alongside Laure Vasconi at the Filature de Mulhouse and the Tri-Postal of Lille with the France Territoire Liquide collective. In 2015, he exhibited a series They already want at the Château d’Eau in Toulouse. In January 2017, he presents his series Troubles and One Winter Without Mist at the Galerie Le Lieu, in Lorient. He shows for the first time his series, as well as the fear of darkness at the Toulouse MAP festival in June 2017, is sponsored by Leica. In September 2017 is presented Elles, a corpus of 350 images (photographs, polaroids, letters …) is sold between 1999 and 2017, around his work on his companion Caroline and her two daughters, Louise and Suzanne, at the gallery Le Réverbère in Lyon, in resonance with the Biennale de Lyon.

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Azoury Philippe is a French journalist and film critic born in 1971. Collaborator of Cahiers du Cinema since 1998, Philippe Azoury also signed texts for Liberation, Les Inrockuptibles and Vogue1. But also to the biannual journal dedicated to cinema Capricci. He currently works for Obsession, the cultural supplement of the New Observateur1.
He is the author of several books of interviews and monographs cinéasts, and is arguably a writer passionate about cinema as a journalist.