The book is designed as a survey, or rather an elusive quest for a priori. By immersing themselves in this dark and serious, the first impression is that of a spontaneous loss of bearings. In setting up this empty and timeless as the author takes the viewer to a "distant" unknown. Progress is slow and uncertain, but the empty lot is slowly transformed into a track record of coded markers that Jean-Michel Fauquet place with precision and meticulousness. Placed in the dark, indeterminate objects made ​​of a material openly fictitious, seem to exist in an area inaccessible and exhale the perfume of forgetfulness; From fantasy characters roam these pages.
From the outset, his approach resembles that of an alchemist. Use of paper, media, printing processes, it makes its own universe. Everything goes in his apartment, where there are piles of boxes and papers. There he cut and shaped objects. Every day after work is finished, he walks the streets to pick up the papers. Next comes the creation of objects, long imagined in great preparatory drawings. He staged the photo, make prints in black, that always seem inhabited a surreal clarity.

The negative is sometimes retouched, and some prints are worked in pencil, pen, or painted to change the light. Jean-Michel Fauquet the patina then wax to give them new life.

Hors Collection
245 x 325
Relié couverture cartonnée
55 photos duotone
56 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-231-8
Press review

Jean-Michel Fauquet

Dessinateur, Photographe

Born in 1950 in Lourdes, Jean Michel Fauquet undertakes a journey of twelve years in Canada, where he teaches photography at the University. It is, however, he moved to Paris and it is exposed. Work more like oil paintings than photographs. His way of seeing the light and shapes is very personal. Its printing processes as well as the use of paper or special media also make an alchemist. Drawing, painting, sculpture, photography are all techniques that contribute to the achievement of its images. His work has resulted in numerous exhibitions.
He is represented by Galerie Claude Bernard, Paris