Jean-Michel Fauquet, his day’s work, runs more or less deserted streets where containers are piling up, fee boxes, returns, laden with booty, under his roof, is armed with scissors, glue to pull this fortune element double parody of the world he lives as he can after being stripped of the universe of his life first, the only one we have. Pierre Bergounioux

Centre des arts d’Enghien-les-Bains
Hors Collection
210 x 245
Broché avec rabats
10 Photographies en bichromie
148 pages
ISBN : 978-2-91438-145-1
Press review

Jean-Michel Fauquet

Dessinateur, Photographe

Born in 1950 in Lourdes, Jean Michel Fauquet undertakes a journey of twelve years in Canada, where he teaches photography at the University. It is, however, he moved to Paris and it is exposed. Work more like oil paintings than photographs. His way of seeing the light and shapes is very personal. Its printing processes as well as the use of paper or special media also make an alchemist. Drawing, painting, sculpture, photography are all techniques that contribute to the achievement of its images. His work has resulted in numerous exhibitions.
He is represented by Galerie Claude Bernard, Paris