Les jours d’après

Portraits de migrants à Cenon

Les jours d’après

Portraits de migrants à Cenon
Book Christophe Goussard, photographer, and Eric Bonneau, writer. Les jours d’après portraits of migrants in Cenon, traces the lives of a dozen people who have agreed to share their story, that of immigration sometimes chosen mostly suffered, which led them to Cenon where they live, between happiness and difficulties of everyday life.

C. Goussard photographed them in their intimacy, in the places they are fond. Eric Bonneau interviewed them and wrote sensitive portraits, subjective, literary, full of humanity.

Hors Collection
170 x 240
Relié couverture cartonnée et toilée
37 photos colors
72 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-298-1
Press review

Born in 1970 in Blaye, lives in Bordeaux. Author artist, his position is not journalistic. He lends his gaze to all spaces rich in human experience and multiplies the registers. Attracted by the greatest contrasts, he turns to open and remote spaces on residences with long courts as well as closed and very close environments.

From one project to another, the human who was until then the central object of his research, is fading. The figure is now only required as a presence in the landscape and places full of history.

He has published several books at Filigranes, including the last Goodbye to the river with Christophe Dabitch in 2016. It is distributed by the agency VU ‘.


Eric Bonneau

Auteur, Dessinateur

Eric Bonneau lives and works in Bordeaux. Former freelance journalist, he now teaches. He is in charge of developing projects on the radio academy Bordeaux Clemi, focal point of education and information media. Eric Bonneau displays an eclectic literary production mood tickets, travel books, educational books, books on working memory, text on wine, play presented at Avignon. He also made ​​several sound pieces for Maija Liisa Salmi BonnetteLucat, visual and Christophe Goussard photographer with whom he published this book.