Two men retrace their footsteps along the Gironde estuary. From the ocean, they date back to Bordeaux by the course the roads and paths, bike, each on a shore.
One Christophe Goussard, made this journey in black and white, right bank in the Blayais, place of birth and youth. The other, Christophe Dabitch in a personal narrative, in the Médoc, instead of family ties and childhood memories.
The farewell to the river is a book alternating the banks and chapters in texts or images, such as taking notes, a few sentences from the black and white and color photographs size reduced among words.
In this story, both invent a trip in their footsteps along the muddy waters of the estuary.

Hors Collection
170 x 240
Relié couverture cartonnée
130 photos colors and black and white
160 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-342-1
Press review

Born in 1970 in Blaye, lives in Bordeaux. Author artist, his position is not journalistic. He lends his gaze to all spaces rich in human experience and multiplies the registers. Attracted by the greatest contrasts, he turns to open and remote spaces on residences with long courts as well as closed and very close environments.

From one project to another, the human who was until then the central object of his research, is fading. The figure is now only required as a presence in the landscape and places full of history.

He has published several books at Filigranes, including the last Goodbye to the river with Christophe Dabitch in 2016. It is distributed by the agency VU ‘.


Born in 1968. Writes books in different forms in collaboration with designers and photographers. Anticipating or concluding travels between a documentary approach and fictional stories, these books have geographical framework for Africa, the Balkans, France and Syria. He works at the crossroads of genres, between documentary and interiority, between history and the intimate.