Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

End of each year gives rise to the United States at the same ceremony. Homes and gardens dress light and celebrate Christmas in a magical sparkle.
These are facades that Vasconi portraiture photographer Laure (2011) in his series "Merry Christmas." His approach offers a resolutely objective study of manners within the report that much of art photography.

The decor so familiar stereotypical suburbs is more noticeable than an unreal universe of bright spots. At the edge of abstraction, these constellations domestic broadcast a feeling of strangeness.
Two books made ​​of 22 detachable postcards.
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Hors Collection
180 x 150
22 photos colors
48 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-270-7

Laure Vasconi


Laure Vasconi lives and works in Paris. After studying architecture in Paris, she studied photography in NY (ICP), she began by assisting many photographers of the agency Magnum while conducting her first personal research. Concerned by the issue of memory, urbanism and landscape, she is currently working on the transformation of Greater Paris and participates in the FTL Photographic Mission (France (s) Territoire Liquide (ed.Seui) and at the exhibition Landscapes French at the BNF Her work is regularly exhibited in France and abroad, she teaches internships in schools and as part of the Festival d’Arles, she publishes several books with Filigranes, Le Point du Jour, Médiapop, Les editions of the eye …
Laure is represented by the gallery Sit Down.