Depending on his travels and his walks, throughout his public life and his private life, she has captured these moments fragile or night yields to the day, the intoxication of friendships, the color of the night, the clack of stilettos on asphalt or dance floors. The hovering body, is looking for. Faces too fast previews, light filtered, manipulated, artificial urban. The special atmosphere of holiday ending. The quest for a taxi late at a large city.
It was during a portrait session with Philippe Claudel, Renaudot prize for "gray Souls", she proposed to him to write a fiction images.
Hors Collection
120 x 165
38 color photos
96 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-024-6

Laure Vasconi


Laure Vasconi lives and works in Paris. After studying architecture in Paris, she studied photography in NY (ICP), she began by assisting many photographers of the agency Magnum while conducting her first personal research. Concerned by the issue of memory, urbanism and landscape, she is currently working on the transformation of Greater Paris and participates in the FTL Photographic Mission (France (s) Territoire Liquide (ed.Seui) and at the exhibition Landscapes French at the BNF Her work is regularly exhibited in France and abroad, she teaches internships in schools and as part of the Festival d’Arles, she publishes several books with Filigranes, Le Point du Jour, Médiapop, Les editions of the eye …
Laure is represented by the gallery Sit Down.