It was in 2008 that Dorothy Davoise began to photograph the country of which comes from his mother Greece. But the descent is only the starting point for this work, since there is no load autobiographical look here, at least not in the sense of homecoming, or psychological on his quest roots. What is at stake is above all the human footprint on the landscape, his presence, his authority may: Dorothée Davoise thus produces a collection of places, without making the portrait of the country or its inhabitants. Greece is perhaps the pretext for a search sculptural shapes in the landscape.
Book published in 500 copies.
Le Bal - SFR
Hors Collection
210 x 150
23 photos duotone
48 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-277-6
Press review
Born in 1983, lives and works in Paris
My work develops through an exchange between photography and sculpture. I am trying to create a dialogue between the photographic image and the physical reality of volumes. My photographs and sculptures reflect my experience as a space, a meeting between shapes, materials and lights.

Photography is my main medium and is the essence of my work. I photograph to see, sort and reframe the world documenting, organizing and retrieving fragments of reality. I try to show the imperceptible and bring the other to see what he does not really look. I want to show the hidden interest of our daily lives without adding fireworks. In my pictures, this mainly reflects escheat, abandoned and the physical absence of humanity. But the imprint of man is the center of my speech, aesthetics regular abandonment in the center of my work.

Similarly, in my sculptures I use everyday items that I discovered almost by accident and without pre-filter. I use materials such as cement, plaster, fabric, wood, cardboard to create my sculptures. I try to introduce rhythm and changes in working on simple shapes the perception of objects and their relationship to space. The blank value in turn allows me to strengthen the work of the form, valued only by the light and shadow on the volume. It helps me to remove any questioning and to focus only on the creation of a volume.

Léa Bismuth

Auteur, Commissaire, Directrice artistique

Léa Bismuth Author and art critic, her practice combines literature and contemporary art, and explores the possibilities of writing the exhibition, from essay to story. She has been writing in artpress since 2006. Nourished with philosophy, she initiated the curatorial research program La Traversée des Inquiétudes (a trilogy of exhibitions after Georges Bataille, Labanque de Béthune, from 2016 to 2019). Since 2013, she has curated about twenty exhibitions. In May 2019, she published La Besogne des Images at Editions Filigranes, and co-curator of the exhibition Dans l’atelier la création at work at the Musée Delacroix Paris.