Tout le monde

Tout le monde

“The group photograph is traditionally invested with a social function at specific times of life, it illustrates the ability of people to integrate themselves photographed in a group and confirm their unity.
Guy Hersant gathers individuals linked by a profession, a passion, sometimes by chance and photograph it. When all eyes are converging towards the target, it triggers. It is not photographed by surprise, leaving its models can be as they wish to be perceived. Some are a little rieurs, other vaguely worried, everyone is solemn. “
Laurence Perrigault.
Hors Collection
280 x 150
Broché avec rabats
42 color photos
84 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-015-4

Guy Hersant


Guy Hersant born in 1950 in Loire-Atlantique. After an artisanal apprenticeship in photography, then employed in different studios, he moved to Lorient in 1975. His origins, his very young revelation of the taste for travel and his interest in the peasant world from which he came, have often leads to photography in France, in China and since 1971 in Africa.

Co-founder in Lorient of the Sellit group in 1979, creator and director from 1982 to 1989 of the Rencontres photographiques en Bretagne and of the Le Lieu gallery, he was curator of exhibitions at the biennials of African photography in Bamako between 1994 and 2001.

Settled in Paris in 1990, he worked on major construction sites and contemporary architectures in the capital. From 2001 and for ten years, through commissions or artist residencies, he approached the world of work as a main subject, bringing together in group portraits of people exercising different activities and professions in Nigeria, Ghana, Mali, Gabon as well as in various regions of France.

Exhibitions in museums, institutions, festivals: BPI G. Pompidou (Paris), Museums Decorative Arts (Nantes), Rimbaud Museum (Charleville-Mézières),
Marco Museo (Vigo), La Filature (Mulhouse), Port-Musée (Douarnenez), Musée d’Evreux …

He is the author of monographs mainly at Editions Filigranes.
Works published in 2019: Ouessant – text Mona-Ozouf.