Out of Sight | Ellen Kooi artist Hollandaise illustrated in the staging of the human being in the middle of nature. Situations often original and extravagant design in which each player becomes clichéd.
The imagery is very special and this predilection for staging comes from the theater. The viewer is often confronted by people in positions / actions incongruous it implanted in an urban landscape or hallucinating.
An exhibition devoted to him at the Dutch Institute in November 2010 as part of Month of Photography in Paris.
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Out of Sight
Out of Sight
Ellen Kooi, a photographer from the Netherlands, shines especially aesthetic natural result of his photographs: landscapes, which are always thoroughly investigated the scene of great characters, with a striking presence.
Photographer and "set designer" at the time, Ellen Kooi uses landscapes ideal for producing images that appear straight out of a dream or a great country.
His work tends toward an ideal, where the eternal search for balance between beauty and romance, reality and fiction award.
The fruit of his labor? Snapshots full of innuendo, contradictions emerging, characters who speak for themselves, with their loneliness, their vulnerability and their relationship with their surroundings.
An ambience of its own, a light crude in appearance, size enigmatic, captivating and spontaneous details that make the work of this artist, a work of a new genus.
This book is almost exhausted which justifies a higher price.
Released : November, 04th 2010
Collection : Hors Collection
ISBN : 978-2-35046-198-4
Format : 340 x 250
80 pages
40 color photos
120 €