Distress | Once again, Stéphane Duroy went on the trail of tragedies that marked Europe in the twentieth century. Here, it is up to the surface the memory of Britain that he shot over 20 years. This book talks about the man, from childhood, the workplace and addresses subtillis death. The perfect rigor of framing, perspective said, scientists assays often pale light, a light winter, melancholy, we refer in the face image of a Europe that we tend to want forget very quickly. This book is printed in 800 copies in the firm offer to booksellers.
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Distress par Hervé Le Goff - Chasseur d'Images 332 (March, 01st 2011)
Distress par Magali Jauffret - L'Humanité (March, 22nd 2011)
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Stéphane Duroy Poète du désastre par Michel Puech - Le Journal de la photographie (March, 09th 2009)
First press photographer Stéphane Duroy was gradually removed from the media to develop his personal projects he completes in books and exhibitions.
He photographed recently with a great economy of means and a subtle treatment and void of color (it mixes with the black and white) to explore Europe in the twentieth century marked by two terrible wars which he questions the memory.
His career in Europe is marked by a tone deaf, but without serious pathos, which installs a time where the story is absolutely excluded to make room for a kind of desolation.
Pursuing an approach that is both documentary and conceptual, his work sets up a wry observation about the twentieth century and its contemporary consequences.
This simple description of the front human misery and endless frustrations, updates the profound injustice which the nineteenth and twentieth-century theories generated and cataclysms.
This book is printed in 800 copies.
Coproducer : GwinZegal
Released : February, 27th 2011
Collection : Hors Collection
ISBN : 978-2-35046-209-7
Format : 215 x 290
48 pages
Paperback with flaps
22 color and blanck and white photos
50 €
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