Anatomie d’une ville

  • Anatomie d’une ville
  • Anatomie d’une ville
  • Anatomie d’une ville
  • Anatomie d’une ville
  • Anatomie d’une ville

Anatomie d’une ville

Anatomy of a city is the result of a patient photographic survey conducted in Saint-Étienne. For a whole year, photographer Guillaume Bonnel surveyed the city and made many shots. He meticulously examined the modalities of urban space evolution, from massive development to the most precarious building improvements made by the inhabitants themselves. Around him, a team of researchers in the humanities and social sciences regularly began to scrutinize the collected views and to manipulate them, thus continuing within the gradually constituted archive an exploration of the forms of the city initiated by the photographer. This book is the report of this collective investigation, in the footsteps of Guillaume Bonnel. It is also a tribute to the city of Saint-Etienne and its urbanism.

Hors Collection
220 x 300
Relié couverture cartonnée
125 photos colors
136 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-492-3
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Guillaume Bonnel


Guillaume Bonnel lives in the Atlantic Pyrenees. He devoted himself to landscape photography after an environment doctorate. Alternating personal work on the landscape, visual research with academics and orders for actors in the environment and town planning. He has produced several photographic observatories of the landscape such as that of the Saoû forest in Drôme, the department of Ille-et-Vilaine, or regional natural parks of the mountain of Reims and Landes de Gascogne. He also collaborates with landscape atlas for landscapers.
He participated in the France.S photographic mission, liquid territory, and is the author of various articles on the links between photography and territorial projects.

Danièle Méaux is a specialist in contemporary photography and professor in aesthetics and art sciences at the University of Saint-Etienne. She is the author of photography and time (PUP, 1997), Voyages de photographers (Puse, 2009), Geo-Photographies. A renewed approach to the territory (Filigranes, 2015), surveys. New forms of documentary photography (Filigranes, 2019) and contemporary & anthropocene photography (Filigranes, 2022). She is also editor -in -chief of the journal Focales: