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From Flowers and More

Follow your intuition…. This is the advice Stephen Shore gave Louis Heilbronn while he was studying at the renowned Bard College from 2007 to 2010. This is what encouraged the New York native, born May 5th, 1988, to venture off the beaten path and slice up the world, abstracting time and emotion.
In January 2013, he had his first exhibition, “Meet Me On The Surface, at Galerie Polaris in Paris. Using his new-found freedom, he explored how “intimate objects and foreign landscapes” can be mixed impulsively. He is still growing and learning. He is 24 years old.
With “From Flowers and More”, Louis Heilbronn pursues his voyage alone. As always, what interests him are places around cities and towns which break and shatter like a fine crystal. Additionally, his work integrates those that he is close to, naturally exposing a double life.
He has learned to cope with Photography, his “strange passion” and has figured out how his obsession to grasp reality can be revealed. He has indeed two strengths: in addition to being young, he has a high standard for a job well done.
Going from Paris, to New York and Los Angeles, “From Flowers and More” captures Louis Heilbronn’s energy and his joy of being openly present.
Brigitte Ollier
Galerie Polaris - Paris
Hors Collection
210 x 270
Relié couverture cartonnée
60 photos colors
80 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-331-5
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From Flowers and More

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Louis Heilbronn


Born in 1988 in New York. Exhibited in France at the Polaris Gallery, Paris.
At 24, Louis Heilbronn displays a willingness to confront film photography and the great figures of the past. In the American tradition and lineage of his former teacher, Stephen Shore, explores foreign territories in search of scenes he captures with his camera room. This book brings together a variety of environments and brought from his travels in Israel, France, Germany and the United States.

Brigitte Ollier

Auteur, Journaliste

John Ford Point, avec des photographies de Vincent Mercier, est son dernier livre édité par Filigranes, après Henri (Cartier-Bresson), Robert (Doisneau), et Hervé (Guibert). Elle a aussi accompagné Louis Heilbronn pour From Flowers and More et, auparavant, Bernard Descamps avec Quelques Afriques.

Chez Hazan, ont paru Robert Doisneau et Manuel Alvarez Bravo ; aux éditions du Regard, Rogi André, photo sensible, avec Elisabeth Nora ; aux éditions de l’œil, Malick Sidibé au village.


Son site web,, assemble ses instantanés de voyages et ses rencontres au fil du temps.