Brigitte Ollier has collected the testimonies of those who have more or less known Hervé Guibert (1955-1991). From its beginnings in Le Monde by Yvonne Baby to the realization of modesty or immodesty, his film will, all evoke emotion with this young man secretly as comfortable in the photo behind the critical target the Rollei 35. Shards of a romantic life, Herve illuminates the writer and photographer, whose work is for Christine Guibert, "as an enclosed space, completely built and finished."

"I’ve always loved the company of the dead, but Hervé Guibert was a ghost so rebellious that I thought having molested by mistake. Yet he who had slipped in my sleep one night without having made an appointment you. His presence surprised me. I‘d never met him, he had already entered into legend. I imagined rather quiet, and there, like a boxer disappointed by the weight of his opponent, he s agitated. He spoke with great gestures, but I could not hear his words: dumb it was a dream, which he was the ventriloquist. "B.O.

Maison Européenne de la photographie, Paris
é (é-crits, é-crans, é-crins)
120 x 160
1 blanck and white photos
72 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-215-8
Press review

Brigitte Ollier

Auteur, Journaliste

John Ford Point, avec des photographies de Vincent Mercier, est son dernier livre édité par Filigranes, après Henri (Cartier-Bresson), Robert (Doisneau), et Hervé (Guibert). Elle a aussi accompagné Louis Heilbronn pour From Flowers and More et, auparavant, Bernard Descamps avec Quelques Afriques.

Chez Hazan, ont paru Robert Doisneau et Manuel Alvarez Bravo ; aux éditions du Regard, Rogi André, photo sensible, avec Elisabeth Nora ; aux éditions de l’œil, Malick Sidibé au village.


Son site web,, assemble ses instantanés de voyages et ses rencontres au fil du temps.

Herve Guibert St. Cloud, December 14, 1955 – Clamart, December 27, 1991) is a writer and journalist (The World) French. His report writing thrives mostly autobiographical and self-fiction. It is also recognized as a photographer and writer on photography.