Fall 2020, Frédéric Stucin, photographer, pushes the door of the little cafète, in Niort. Attached to the hospital psychiatry pole, the place is a place of care where patients who wish come to spend a moment, have a drink, eat an ice cream, follow a match on TV, chat with each other or with the caregivers . One week a month, the photographer will offer them to create, together, “real dream portraits”. A photograph that tells them, which says what you want to say of yourself, at that time. The bet of this project is that the outside gaze is no longer an impediment, but on the contrary the opportunity for a sharing. That patients show instead of being looked at.


“To what we are” is the fruit of this immersion, organized on the initiative of Villa Pérochon, center of contemporary photographic art located in Niort, and one of the psychiatric services of the hospital. Between the portraits are inserted from the views of the places, little cafète and psychiatric unit as a whole, as well as amazing photographs of archives found in the boxes of the service.

The Villa Pérochon, a center of contemporary photographic art, recognized of national interest by the Ministry of Culture and one of the psychiatric services of the Niort hospital invite a photographer in creation/mediation residence. In immersion within the P’tite Cafète, a place of conviviality within the hospital, accessible on prescription, the artist will meet with patients essential actors of this project. The little cafète is a place conducive to meeting and social experiences. It works like an associative bar. It is a enough secure place of care for the other’s experience to take place.
Exhibition at Villa Pérochon in Niort, from April 29 to September 2, 2022. Two other 2022/2023 exhibitions at the Stimultania gallery in Strasbourg then at the Nicéphore Niépce museum in Chalon sur Saône.

Villa Pérochon - Niort
Hors Collection
235 x 290
Relié couverture cartonnée et toilée
75 photos colors
104 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-561-6
Press review

Frédéric Strucc is a photographer since 2002. He collaborates with many media and institutions and pursues a personal artistic work, which mixes imaginary and real. His last book, La Source (Maison CF, 2021) is an exploration of the banks of the Seine at the first deconformation. Endorphine (Filigranes, 2021) embarks on the heart of illegal sports training during the sanitary crisis. Only Bleeding (editions of the spout in the air, 2019), is the story in pictures of a poetic wandering in the streets of Las Vegas. His photographs have been the subject of several exhibitions, including the Nicephore Museum Niépce de Chalon-sur-Saône, in the French Art Center in Brussels, at Villa Perochon in Niort, at the Gallery Vu in Paris.

Ondine Millot

Auteur, Journaliste

Independent journalist after sixteen years in Liberation, Ondine Millot specialized in the literary story of true stories. She collaborates with several magazines and published four books. Le Candidat idéal (Stock, 2021) tells the genesis of an attempt to murder between lawyers. Les Monstres n’existent pas (Stock, 2018) is a survey resulting from interviews with Dominique Cottrez, mother infanticide. L’Amour à mort (Steinkis, 2013), traces twenty stories of domestic violence and Esclavage domestique (Filigranes, 2006, with Photographer Raphaël Dallaporta) Fifteen care of abused home employees.