The photographic work of Marion Poussier built for several years around the issue of social relations and "living together". After photographing various ages in various "micro-societies" children in the playground (Recreation), teen summer camp (One summer, published by Filigranes), in his youth gathering places (Free movement of desires) and old age in a retirement home (the invisible body), she has family, a project, this time, leads him to cross the generations living together under one roof, canvas Basically, the question of how to build individual within the family?
Marion Poussier for this project shared the daily life of families in France in order to save at the most "ordinary". Choosing to limit its scope in the space defined by the house, she has focused on relationship of these brothers and sisters, parents and children in this space so intimate and familiar. With a respectful distance, she continued her investigation of everyday feelings and stands as a real little drama of life.
Hors Collection
215 x 215
Portefolio sous emboîtage
20 photos colors
38 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-236-3
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Marion Poussier


Marion Doussier was born in Rennes in 1980. She graduated from the National School of Superior Louis Light (2003). She received in 2006 the Lucien and Rodolf Hervé Prize for her series of photographs on adolescence. Entitled One summer, this series has been exposed during the international meetings of photography (Arles) and joined the Cartier Foundation collection for contemporary art as well as the National Fund for Contemporary Art. In 2010, Marion Doubier receives the price of the Academy of Fine Arts for his family project. It is represented by the Gallery of the Day Agnès b.
She published at Filigranes: IIs habit(ai)ent au 61 rue d’Avron, Un Eté, Famille and Corps de ballet.