Corinne Dadat 50 years, she is maid in high school St. Mary of Bourges. It is used in permanent contracts in this private, paid at the minimum wage. I met her while working at Printemps de Bourges festival for which she made ​​extras. I watched carefully do his job, that is to say, do housework. She immediately told me that at 50, she has no prospects for alternative employment. His experience is, if not representative, at least significantly shared by the lumpen proletariat today’s realities. Social displacement, insecurity and lack of any professional horizon are the fault lines of a portion of the population, compounded by a gaping digital divide. For any job, asked me to master Word and Excel, but I do not even know turn on a computer (…) Anyway, sooner or later, it will be replaced by robots. Mohamed El Kathib
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Hors Collection
200 x 260
23 photos colors
64 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-332-2
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Marion Poussier


Marion Doussier was born in Rennes in 1980. She graduated from the National School of Superior Louis Light (2003). She received in 2006 the Lucien and Rodolf Hervé Prize for her series of photographs on adolescence. Entitled One summer, this series has been exposed during the international meetings of photography (Arles) and joined the Cartier Foundation collection for contemporary art as well as the National Fund for Contemporary Art. In 2010, Marion Doubier receives the price of the Academy of Fine Arts for his family project. It is represented by the Gallery of the Day Agnès b.
She published at Filigranes: IIs habit(ai)ent au 61 rue d’Avron, Un Eté, Famille and Corps de ballet.
Mohamed El Khatib writer / director initiated from Moi project, Corinne Dadat, housekeeper, a series of portraits of women officiating in maintenance and whose main qualification is their body