“This series was born out of memories of the few summers I spent at summer camp as a teenager. I have always had over the holiday feel of live moments, rare and precious. The colony was a kind of parenthesis in the rest of my life. Nobody knew me, then I could “play the role that I wanted. I feel cut off from the rest of the world for two or three weeks. Time, suspended, and space, closed, took another dimension. Every day counts … “M.P.
In rereading his memory that Marion Poussier us involved in this complicated world of adolescence. It is moving away from the upheaval experienced by these youth, jostled, bringuebalés our societies. It proceeds by splitting into camps. It was his field of investigation. In this space empty it sets its view. Before it, the characters of their choice, moving silently in this scene where gestures whisper sweet tinted color. The evanescence of tender and melancholic moments evokes both the reflection of our societies and the mirror of our childhood memories. Yann Le Goff
Hors Collection
210 x 260
Relié couverture cartonnée
21 color photos
48 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-093-2
Press review
Edition limited to 30 numbered copies taken together with a photographic print (format 18 x 24 cm) signed by Marion Poussier.
* Choice possible between three photographs, each taken at 10 copies.
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Marion Poussier


Born in 1980, Marion Poussier lives and works in Paris. A graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure Louis Lumière, she is a freelance photographer, working with the press and in parallel develop personal projects. Focused on meeting the other, his work reflects his sensitivity but also the questions and decrypts the gestures, the spaces between body attitudes and behaviors of some communities. Considered one of the most talented photographers of his generation, the work of Marion Poussier, has been awarded many times. The price of the Talent Award for his series The Heat Wave is the first of many. Its been around a series of youth received a citation at the Kodak Prize for criticism in 2005 and was exhibited at the Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie d’Arles in 2006. Family, his last work, was hailed by the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts. Marion Poussier is the author of three books published by Filigranes: IIIs habit(ai)ent au 61 rue d’Avron, Un Eté, Famille et Corps de ballet, recently released on the occasion of his exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts.