This book is a poetic stroll where you can stroll through the wooded countryside, naked bodies in a room, beds calm rivers or snow that we evoke body. This work of great sensitivity and great sensuality is in communion landscapes and nudes.
Lady Land is an imaginary country, a country that runs a photographer, a melancholy and solitary walker.
One country, one body, we no longer know very well, female, male … or both.
A country made of earth, herbs, water and perfume, trees prepared, rhythm flowing soils and fog that rises in the winter morning …
Everything is calm, quiet, no trouble breathing does this strange appointment, the waiting … the desire of both horizontal and vertical …
Lady Land is a tale of winter.
Hors Collection
210 x 210
Relié couverture cartonnée et toilée
35 duo tone photos
60 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-162-5

Bernard Descamps


Born in Paris in 1947.
PhD in Biology, he became a photographer in the early 1970s.
He is now represented by the Camera Obscura Gallery and was one of the founding photographers of Agence VU in 1985. He works mainly on the choice of framing in the shot, in square format, going against Of the “academic” rules of composition. His main works are in black and white, notably on Africa. He captures those moments when reality is mingled with his imagination. He exhibited with André Kertesz (his “master”), at the Leverkusen Museum in 1976 … Publications at Filigranes editions: Autoportrait, Où sont passés nos rêves ?. Ici même, Quelques Afriques, Lady Land, Silences, Evening Land, Japon, Berbère, Le don du fleuve.