"That’s nine years that I photographed the same place for a week in summer. It is a small beach wedged between the road and the sea every year I attend the same theater that I never tire. Curtain up: installation of umbrellas, towels layout, displays of sunscreen. Bronzetti. Round trips between water and sand. Rinse in the shower. Break-fried sandwich-ice. Then re-tanned, bathing re-, re-rinse until the sun. Tomorrow, after tomorrow, the same ritual. I find myself there. Flesh from the flesh. In the true body and among these people that I take pleasure in return. Gros, slender, tanned, not tanned, young, old, all equally. At ground level. Far retouched images found in magazines. "

Sylvie Hughes is editor of the magazine Réponses Photo, monthly public recognition for his advice to amateur photographers or confirmed. It is also a photographer.

Magali Jauffret, journalist, critic, author of documentaries, member of the acquisition of Fond National d’Art Contemporain.

Ritual of the family beach, summer, one of these seasonal theaters whose sea is quick to reshuffle the cards. Many situations where everyone bathes, dries, monitors, bed, rêvasse, built sand castles …

Hors Collection
220 x 220
Relié couverture cartonnée
33 color photos
48 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-083-3