"I met Edith Thoueille, responsible for childcare and child Protection Maternelle de Paris 14e, which for 15 years, doing an outstanding job with blind women wishing to have a child. It strives to combat prejudice, and encourages these women do not. This meeting was crucial: I saw and photographed Edith accompanying and guiding the blind woman and her baby, and then there were the others …
I looked carefully these women behave with such accuracy and precision with their child, and I admired. I tried to imagine, to close their eyes, naively, to see what they do not, without success, because the mixing, I realized that they saw what I did not, and vice versa. And it seemed absurd to try to compare or look for a difference."
Delphine Warin

This book comes with a DVD including photographs, testimonies of mothers blind and a soundtrack of text that accompanies the book.
Published with the support of a Federation of the Blind and Visually Impaired of France, the Association Valentin Haüy Foundation and Orange


Fondation Orange - FAF
Hors Collection
240 x 300
Relié couverture cartonnée
27 duo tone photos
64 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-180-9
Press review
Delphine Warin, after studying Russian and theater, is moving in 1988 to photograph the following courses at the Center for Media Art Center at American, then went to New York to study at the International Center of Photography. Back in Paris, it deepened his photographic research with a particular interest in the portrait, and while attending Sarah Moon, she began a personal search with: Around Mississippi One, Links & Meetings singular.
It works with the press and produces exhibitions commissioned by institutions such as Fnac, AFAA, and the Musée de Sceaux. Whether it’s portraits of anonymous or personalities, both couples and what binds them, their priority is to reveal their most intimate.

Magali Jauffret

Auteur, Journaliste

Magali Jauffret journalist, critic, author. A text written in 3 books published by Filigranes: Tout peut arriver, Gilbert Garcin ; Corinne Mercadier ; Sur la plage, Sylvie Hugues, Eloge de combats ordinnaires, Catherine Poncin.
Edith Thoueille a créé un service d’accueil pour les mamans et futures mamans non-voyantes à l’Institut de Puériculture de Paris (14e)