Le jardin de pierres

Chamonix 1976

Le jardin de pierres

Chamonix 1976
This photographer is atypical and unclassifiable that track since the early 1960s his solo career on the sidelines of reportage, art photography and fashion, "to be, he says, level with the world and what is happening. "For the director of the given time, the movement photographer, photography is a way of bringing the mind to a personal knowledge and physical world. Chance encounters, stealth and quick strategies feelings … Bernard Plossu shows us how we grasp the world through the body and the body through the world.
From 1987 and for fifteen years he traveled on foot desert areas of southern Spain. The meeting with the new "Garden of dust" extends his previous expeditions in American deserts and the Sahara. Emptiness, silence fed clarity and wanderings fruitful solitude, extreme confrontation rhythms of nature are the initiatory journey that films and photographs as a natural symphony.
Plossu Bernard drew his own way, built his own photographic grammar, faithful to his first love, refusing anecdote lived and totalitarianism inventories.
La Fundación Almayuda
Hors Collection
125 x 170
Relié couverture cartonnée
24 photos duotone
40 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-268-4

Bernard Plossu


Plossu Bernard, born in South Vietnam in 1945, he grew up surrounded by photographs of the desert taken by his father when he went skiing on the dunes of the Sahara in 1937 with Roger Frisian-Roche. Modesty, sensuality, emotion, joy, here is what is the “sap” that already permeate the images of the self that landed in Mexico in 1965 and 1967 to join his grandparents. Travel as a Mexican issue 15 years later its editor Claude Nori. A book that, as the creator of Ed. Contrejour has become a sort of bible for a generation suddenly uninhibited by his freedom of tone and its intimate and poetic vision.
Elisabeth Foch After studying philosophy, she turned to journalism, working for women’s magazines and tourism. Fascinated by the image, she has published numerous works in collaboration with photographers, commenting on their photos natural sites. This has enabled him to get the price Nadarl in 1990, the book ‘Mountain photographers’.