Two books with a thematic approach by Bernard Plossu, collect images around the checkerboard and stripes. Images captured during different déambulations.
The checkering Plossu Bernard does not fully comply with codes of a game. There is always something that resists the establishment of systems, something that carries the disorder and confusion, something which "disorder". It shows and hides at a time. The surface is often seen as uncontrollable, almost elusive. Where to? Where it ends? Where are the empty and full, openings and closings? What is the plan from the bottom and the front? The downstairs and upstairs? Nobody knows who goes, who left, who will come. No one spoke in the street.
Emmanuel Guigon
Italy, France, Morocco, Spain, California, Mexico, where increased Plossu. Of curved or straight trajectories. People alone, who are unaware and do not watch. As in parallel lives.
Except, it seems, in Naples. But the photo, I said I had to be taken just before the shot. The type of back, stopped, put his business on the sidewalk and went off his line. In a moment he will fall on the pile of rubbish left. The killer will swell déguerpir and spinning on his Vespa with the bag of death. Naples and its bad encounters: there never deviate.
François Carrassan
Both books are sold together.
Cap, Brest/Imagerie, Lannion/Le Lieu, Lorient
Hors Collection
120 x 165
30 duo tone photos
48 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-154-0

Bernard Plossu


Plossu Bernard, born in South Vietnam in 1945, he grew up surrounded by photographs of the desert taken by his father when he went skiing on the dunes of the Sahara in 1937 with Roger Frisian-Roche. Modesty, sensuality, emotion, joy, here is what is the “sap” that already permeate the images of the self that landed in Mexico in 1965 and 1967 to join his grandparents. Travel as a Mexican issue 15 years later its editor Claude Nori. A book that, as the creator of Ed. Contrejour has become a sort of bible for a generation suddenly uninhibited by his freedom of tone and its intimate and poetic vision.

François Carrassan

Ecrivain, Philosophe

François Carrassan Philosopher, author, winegrower. Deputy mayor for the culture of the city of Hyères since 1995 (in 2010).